Amateur Radio Emergency Service

The Rim of the World ARES group is an ARRL affiliated organization and part of the Mountain Top Amateur Radio Association.

Currently there are over 30 members.  

ARES members do not self deploy

ARES Information

ARRL Announces Upgraded ARES Program

The American Radio Relay League has announced that the ARES program will be significantly updated and enhanced  beginning in 2019. this includes a national database of certified ARES members. More information is available at our MTARA club meetings. 

Supported Agencies

Rim of the World ARES now has support agreements (MOU's) with the local hospital, ARC approved shelter in Lake Arrowhead and the local school district.

ARES members are available to support the local CERT Teams and ECS if requested. 

Communication Capabilities

The Rim of the World ARES and MTARA has installed communications equipment in various agency locations:

Hospital - VHF/UHF and HF radios

Shelter - VHF/UHF and HF radios

Sheriff - VHF/UHF radio

CERT Trailer - VHF/UHF x 2 radios

Bus Barn - VHF/UHF radio

Schools - 120 HT radios


Members must have ICS certificatinos for the following FEMA courses:





Training and Activities

Members will participate in several communication activities during the year in support of local community events.