The Mountain Top Amateur Radio Association, MTARA, is located in the  communities within the San Bernardino National Forest including  Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs and Green Valley Lake. We  welcome members and visitors from any area.

We are a  group of licensed amateur radio operators and friends, young and old,  who wish to promote the amateur radio hobby through mentoring, license  testing, communications training and community service in a fun,  friendly and active environment.

Amateur Radio Classes


Our next class for 2018 is scheduled for October 26-27,

 Click on the link below for all the

  information for the next class. 


Helping Other Hams and our Community

  •  Monthly Meetings 
  • Weekly Nets
  • Elmer (Mentoring)
  • Comunications for Special Events
  • Programming Radios
  • Teaching License Classes / VE Testing
  • Emergency Communications
  • Other

About Amateur Radio

Ham Radio  is the ability to communicate -- across the street, around the world, or  even with people and satellites in space!  Even when the power's out,  and the land lines and cell phones don't work, with a battery, a radio,  and a wire, ham radio is there.

Ham  Radio lets us enjoy life-long friends, and a hands-on technical  education.  It provides the resources and encouragement to experiment  with new things and to design and build on the latest communications  technologies.

You  can't say that the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the  moon!  You can go anywhere you want, without boundaries, and amateur  radio can help you get there! - by Doug Lamb, K4EK


Route 66 On the Air

MTARA members will be supporting CBARC with radio operators for W6C again this year. R66 is being held from September 8th to the 16th. 

Kids on Public Lands

MTARA will be providing the communications and logistics for the 21st annual KOPL event on September 22nd and 23rd. 

Gran Fondo

The Gran Fondo mountain bike ride will be held once again in Big Bear. This year it is on September 29th. MTARA members will be located along the mountain area trails, aid stations and in SAG vehicles providing communications to support the event.  

Club Officers and Committees

President - John Snedden, KK6PTO

Vice President - Denise"Dee" Loxton, N6DEE

Secretary - Tina Bremer, W6TNA

Treasurer - Lorna Polly, KJ6GFS

Asst Treasurer - Carol Higginbotham, WA6UVQ

Education/Membership - Tracy Lenocker WM6T


Net Control Operators

Denise"Dee", N6DEE


Gail, KM6GBN

Gene, KJ6LMP

Jaye, KJ7AHK

Gary, AA6GJ

Tracy, WM6T