2019 Meeting dates and Topics

July 2nd

  1. Fun Presentation on Ham Radio, Gordon West, WB6NOA
  2. Elmer Session - None schedule for this special meeting

August 6th

  1. Remote operations of your transceiver. Hardware and software solutions
  2. Elmer Session - TBA

September 3rd

  1. “Options for Setting up a VHF/UHF Station for Events and Activations”. It will cover masts, antennas, coax and radios.
  2. Elmer Session:  Understanding FEMA ICS forms ICS-214 and ICS-309  

October 1st

  1. "Stump the Experts" We will have several of our members up front to answer any ham radio question from the audience
  2. Elmer Session: Turning your Brick into a Radio - TH-F6a

November 5th

  1. Main Meeting: TBA
  2. Elmer Session: Winter Net Practice Drills

December 3rd

  1. Main Meeting: TBA
  2. Elmer Session: The Year in Pictures and Stories



Field Antennas - Part 1

August 16th

Understanding different types of field antennas. Learning about QRP radios,  wire, coax, masts and other field hardware. Followed by a hike into the forest to set up different masts and antennas and using trees as well.

Max Class Size = 10 (ARES preference)

Field Antennas - Part 2

August 30th

This follow on workshop will be held in the forest off of Forest Service Road 2N34. the class will practice setting up mast and antenna using vehicle supports as well as trees. it will be followed by a hike to a location to put up a wire antenna and using a QRP radio to make some contacts. 

 Max Class Size = 10 (ARES preference) 

Making an Endfed Random Wire Wind-Up Antenna

Date: TBA

After using several of the endfed random antennas in the prior workshops the class will make one or more windup endfed antennas for their own use.

 Max Class Size = 10 (ARES preference) 

Understanding the Simple and More Complex Capabilities of Your TH-D74

Date: TBA

this hands on workshop will cover the main capabilities and use of the TH-D74 HT. it will be followed with a ore in depth understanding and practice of using the HT for APRS, email, texting, HF receive and other features.  

Max Class Size = 6 

Leaning CW

Beginning Date: TBA

This will be an extended workshop with some short classes followed with on the air practices. 

 Max Class Size = 8